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Upon Location

Presently there are 19 buildings in the location, with surfaces between 200 and 4000 sqm, meters, which are used for offices, warehouses, storehouses etc.

All buildings have the following facilities (fittings):

  • Additional land surfaces around them, according to the needs imposed by the activity performed in that building/warehouse
  • Interior roads and access alleys
  • Internal access to the railway
  • The possibility to be connected to the plant for the transformation and electricity take over from SEN
  • Any of the buildings or halls can be separated from other activities
  • Big buildings can be directly connected to the public road of the city and to national roads.


The park offers a wide range of infrastructure services, such as:

  • A network of technical buildings and utilities, maintenance services for the existing plants, where applicable
  • The maintenance of the logistic infrastructure, for the railway as well as for the rods
  • The maintenance of the infrastructure for sewage, electricity, water utilities, etc.
  • Offers all necessary information for various activities, for projects in any area of the industrial park
  • Technical support